New DXpatrol  MK4 Version 



   Ultra Wide-band Coverage SDR Receiver DXpatrol Mk4

Full coverage reception form 100KHz to 2GHz SDR
 Direct Sample Mode *
Very High performance Pre-amplifier +33dBm IP3*
Font-end input antennas protection
Shielded Aluminum box*
Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF&Up
USB computer connection ( micro-usb)
Accurate and efficient band filters
Very clean audio reception
SMA golden antenna connectors
LED power indication
Small size
Freeware software Windows, Linux, Android, IOS.
Up to 3.2 M Sample rate.




New product online

New Es´Hail Sat Uplink Converter

434MHz to 2400MHz  Low Cost Up convertor 100mW (or 8W)

all mode TX uplink to  Satellite

DXpatrol  by Gadgetpriority electronics
Parque Tecnologico de Óbidos
Edificios Centrais, Espaço 1
2510-216 Óbidos

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