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New Es´Hail Sat ( OSCAR-100) Uplink Converter.

434MHz to 2400MHz  Low Cost Up convertor 100mW (or 8W) all mode TX uplink to  Satellite

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Full assembled and tested. Please HERE for full information


Input  IF                 - 434 Mhz 

TX output             - 2400MHz 

TX Power               - 100mW

Spurius Emissions    -40dBs

Image rejection         -60dBs

Input Maximum Power - 5W  ( ajustable )

Price 99€ 



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Phase locked External Reference for 10GHz Satellite LNB’s




RX SET from DX-Patrol Only 99€ all included! 
LNB + PLL reference + Bias-T+ F connectors
Ready RX station for QO-100. 

 Full Manual and Info Here

ALL Included