New Es´Hail Sat ( OSCAR-100) Uplink Converter.

434MHz to 2400MHz  Low Cost Up convertor 100mW (or 8W) all mode TX uplink to  Satellite

 SOLD OUT - You can order now, but we will ship only 25 Feb.


Full assembled and tested. Please HERE for full information


Input  IF                 - 434 Mhz 

TX output             - 2400MHz 

TX Power               - 100mW

Spurius Emissions    -40dBs

Image rejection         -60dBs

Input Maximum Power - 5W  ( ajustable )

Price 99€ 


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Ultra Low Current Bird 43 Peak Meter by DX-Patrol

Fully assembled and Tested.

This new board adaptor for the Bird 43 Wattmeter will read the peak power from your radio/amp with accurate reading and a full needle adjustments with 2 potentiometers.

This new design, using a ultra low current Op Amp, 600nA, and a ultra low current LED* flashing 6uA will drain from battery even lower current than the natural intrinsic discharge of batteries.

Led flash 10 mili-seconds every 2 seconds*

How often you try to use your Bird 43 and it's out of batteries?

Well, this circuit will work more than 3 years continuous operation with same batteries. No more worry about forget Peak Metter ON.


Adjustment must be done with a steady CW carrier wile adjust RV1 to have same reading with Peak ON and Peak OFF

Then, adjust RV2 to set the needle decrease time at your wish.

Available for shipping price 49€ :