NEW QO-100 Power Amplifier 



LDMos , rugged amplifier with heat spreader 
NXP MHT1008NT1 RF amplifier 
Designed for DXpatrol Upconverter as driver.
Input 70mW 
Output 12W*  (5W if 12V supply) 
Voltage 28V ( 12V to 28V stepUP converter included)
Bias current 600mA
Max current 1,5A
TX-Ground PTT
SMA connectores
SWR meter DC [email protected] SWR 1:1 /~/ 4V @ SWR Ꝏ
PWR meter DC 0V to 4V ( full power )


New product online

This is our new issue, a low cost GPSDO developed for the most rigorous
and demanding microwave enthusiasts.




  • GPS, Galileu, Glonass receiver

  • 3 Outputs 10MHz 1.5vpp ~ 7dBm

  • Duty cycle 50%

  • Phase Noise @ 1Hz -80dBc/Hz

  • Phase Noise @ 10Hz -120dBc/Hz

  • Phase Noise @ 1KHz -145dBc/Hz

  • Phase Noise @ 10KHz – 150dBc/Hz

  • Second harmonic < 51dBs

  • Third harmonic < 56dBs

  • Turn ON time ~ 5 minutes

  • Working Temperature range 0ºC to 75ºC

  • Operating Temperature ~50º C (OCXO)

  • Supply voltage 8V to 14V

  • Current 600mA first minute, 270mA after lock

  • Dimensions metal case : 84mm / 71mm / 25mm